Research Leave at Tyndale House

Greetings Friends.  The Greens are on Research Leave at Tyndale House in Cambridge, England.  It is a great place to study.  I am thankful that my employer, Union University, gave the green light for this.  Happy to be here!




Welcome to the New Site

Hi Folks!

The wonderful Fran Lancaster has helped me update the site (the site SHE helped create).  She has been absolutely super.  If you see bugs or problems please do let me know.

Take care,


Interview on "Covenant and Commandment"

I recently gave an interview with "Books at a Glance" on my book, Covenant and Commandment: Works, Obedience, and Faithfulness in the Christian Life.  Here is the interview.

Fire in the Minds of Men

I acquired James Billington's Fire in the Minds of Men many years ago.  It is a wonderful book on the nature of revolution--especially in the modern era.  For folks wanting to understand the revolutionary nature of our times, it is a great read.  And if one wants to grasp the way in which the US is in a sense in a state of permanent revolution, it is very helfpful.  Here is a helpful essay by Billington over at TAC.